2022 CFT Schedule: 2022 CFT100 Release date, 2023 Future Schedule Changes, more

  • The 2022 CFT 100 Club will go on sale in May 2021 for only $1,000. This pricing represents a 64% savings off the cost of purchasing all five conferences individually. Secure your seat quickly, CF Tactics will not offer the CFT 100 Club pricing option again after 2022. The seat for each event can be used by the purchaser or given to someone else.
  • In 2022 CF Tactics will host their full conference schedule on Pensacola Beach. Now is the time to save the dates for the most engaging series of fire conferences you will attend in 2022. We will have new speakers and new programs for the 2022 conference series!
  • CF Tactics 2022 Officer Development Program (ODP) will have 5 different speakers:
    • Chief Dave McGrail
    • Chief Mike Terpak
    • Chief Scott Thompson
    • Chief Frank Viscuso
    • Chief Curt Isakson
  • CF Tactics 2022 CFT Fire School: Leadership & Tactics Conference speaker will include:
    • Chief Mo Davis
    • Chief Clyde Gordon
    • Chief Howard Rinewalt
    • Captain Kyle Romagus
    • Chief Curt Isakson
  • In 2023 CF Tactics will continue providing quality training through our conferences and seminars! There are exciting NEW things in our future! Be on the lookout for announcements as we get closer to 2023!
  • In 2023 Chief Isakson will be on the road more teaching his signature programs It’s Worth The Risk and People Before Water from coast to coast.
  • In 2023 CF Tactics is scaling back the number of conferences offered on Pensacola Beach.

HROC 2021 Registration Open

County Fire Tactics (CF Tactics, CFT) is hosting its annual High Rise Operations Conference (HROC) on December 7th–9th, 2021, at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Gulf Side Convention Center.

On December 6th, 2021, CFT will provide registered attendees an opportunity to attend a  Pre-Conference session at no additional cost.

Visit the High Rise Operations Conference 2021 (HROC) conference page for even more information regarding travel, hotels, dining, and the experience that awaits.

CFT is now offering an advanced registration discount for this event. Secure your seat today and lock in the lowest rate to attend — up to $225 off. CFT’s HROC is epic year after year, but we’re confident you already know !!!


CFT programs attract firefighters of all ranks who are into the job, are engaged and passionate about the fire service, and want to be here. It’s Worth The Risk to surround yourself with our culture of like-minded people. Our annual High Rise Operations Conference has brought firefighters together from all across the United States and Canada, including attendees from Alaska and Hawaii.

CF Tactics designed HROC for you because no other like it exists. Firefighters, Fire Officers, and Fire Chiefs will receive the latest tactics, trends, and lessons learned for operating at fires in both high-rise and standpipe-equipped buildings through our lecture and hands-on training tracks. Where else can attendees hook up and operate off actual high-rise standpipe systems.

Contact CF Tactics

For more information about HROC 2021, or other CF Tactics programs, please contact Curt Isakson or Jessica Isakson with the information listed below.

CF Tactics Seminar Agenda, Command & Control of Fires & Emergencies by Vincent Dunn, Chief Curt Isakson

$225 with 'FIRST20' Discount Code Full Registration Investment $299

Chief Isakson has released the agenda and for his upcoming two-day Command and Control class April 12th-13th, 2021, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Hilton Hotel on Pensacola Beach. This seminar-style event is limited to 48 professionals without only about 20 seats remaining. The program size promotes manageable classroom interaction and nightly networking opportunities.


This class offering will differ from County Fire Tactics “Commanding from the Sidelines” seminar that took place November 17th-19th, 2020 at the Pensacola Beach Hilton.

This seminar will blend Chief Dunn’s book with what Chief Isakson’s mentors have taught him, and what he has learned in 17 years of commanding fires as Battalion Chief in a diverse countywide setting.

Fire Officers today are juggling an infinite number of job duties related to administration, budgets, political interaction, medical response, fire prevention, inspections, and more.

The class agenda will be focused on topics from Command & Control of Fires & Emergencies by Vincent Dunn, to bring the active fire officer back to their primary focus, Fighting fires and responding to emergencies.

In a recent webcast interview with Strike the Box Training LLC, Chief Isakson said this class will be different from his other programs in the fact that he will discuss the need to have eyes on the fire building, allowing the incident commander to see in mere seconds what is and is not working, and make an immediate tactical decision. Why? … Because Tactics Put Out Fires !!!

CF Tactics Command & Control Seminar Agenda

  • Command Presence
  • Life-and-Death Decision Making
  • Locating a Fire
  • Size-up of a Fire
  • Command and Control at a Fire
  • Hoseline Placement
  • Preventing Fire Spread
  • Changing Strategy
  • Ventilation
  • Terrorism
  • Fireground Communications
  • Demobilization
  • Fireground Dangers
  • Products of Combustion
  • Managing Fireground Risks and Dangers
  • Epilogue
  • Answers to Study Questions

HOTEL DISCOUNT CODES HERE BEACH DINING & NETWORKING$225 with 'FIRST20' Discount Code.Full Registration Investment $299

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HROC Pensacola Beach, Forcible Entry, Door Control, FDNY Rescue 1, Captain Morris

FDNY Rescue 1, Captain Robert Morris (ret), lead the FDNY Engine Co. and Truck Co. Operations Hands On Training (HOT) Track last week at County Fire Tactics annual High Rise Operations Conference (HROC), at the Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Side Convention Center.

The forcible entry and door control training video below is only a glimpse of the amazing training nuggets FDNY Captain Robert Morris (ret), FDNY Captain Rex Morris, and other instructors provided the 100’s of Firefighters from across the United States who were in attendance.

When you attend a CFT event our goal is to provide our attendees the most highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors from all over the country who share a passion for making our profession as safe as possible while being as aggressive as possible. Continue reading

Thank You Sponsors !!! HROC & CFT Fire School: Leadership & Tactics Conference

County Fire Tactics (CF Tactics, CFT), will host its annual High Rise Operations Conference (HROC), and CFT Fire School: Leadership & Tactics Conference, February 16th–18th, 2021, at the Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Side Convention Center in the Royal Palm Ballroom. The spectacular hands-on training will occur within a short walking distance of the Hilton, at the former Best Western Beachside Resort, which is scheduled for demolition.

CF Tactics extends a special thank you to The Best Western Beachside Resort, Innisfree Hotels, and The Hilton, Pensacola Beach for your continued support of our programs.

Furthermore, County Fire Tactics (CFT, CF Tactics) appreciates the investments made by our sponsors in the professional development and continuing education of firefighters from across the United States right here in Pensacola Beach, Florida. Their contribution to our programs makes a direct impact on the safety and survival of millions of people living in the United States.

Links to all of our sponsors’ products and services are listed below. Continue reading

Hub City Fire Conference, Spartanburg SC, Chief Curt Isakson, CF Tactics

Battalion Chief Curt Isakson, County Fire Tactics, Pensacola Florida

The Spartanburg City Professional Firefighters Association IAFF Local 369, will be featuring Battalion Chief Curt Isakson, of County Fire Tactics (CF Tactics, CFT), at their First Annual Hub City Fire Conference, August 7th-8th, 2021, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, in Spartanburg South Carolina, the city that is “Always Doing.”

Chief Isakson will deliver a two-day seminar featuring highlights from the County Fire Tactics conference series and the Fire School. The seminar venue will be Twichell Auditorium at Converse College.
Chief Isakson will be at Delaney’s Irish Pub on Saturday night for a social event with conference attendees. The seminar host will hold an early bird conference check-in event at RJ Rockers Brewing Co, Friday, August 6th, 2021.

Click here to learn more about Chief Curt Isakson by reading his speaker biography.

Contact the Spartanburg City Professional Firefighters Association utilizing the information on the seminar flyer for additional details.

Click here to register and attend the Hub City Fire Conference.

Continue reading