Chief Isakson, Civilian Fire Safety Talk, WEAR ABC 3 Pensacola Florida

Battalion Chief Curt Isakson of Escambia County Fire Rescue provides fire safety tips for you and your family to stay safe this winter season and beyond.

Chief Isakson reinforces the need to “distance” your heaters, and ensure working smoke detectors throughout your home to increase your ability to survive a fire in your home.

View the news report from ABC 3 and several video’s from UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute about smoke alarms and closing your bedroom door before going to sleep at night.

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Multi-Family Coordinated Fire Attack Course UL FSRI Fire Safety Research Institute

Underwriters Laboratories Fire Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI) has released a new course for firefighters based on the findings of its previous coordinated fire attack study in multi-family dwellings.

Click the photo below to lead you to this critically important educational opportunity.

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ODP 2022 Countdown Update

ODP 2022 Countdown Update

The countdown to ODP 2022 is underway. If you are attending please read this post from top to bottom.

Throughout the week almost everything you are looking for is on

Refresh your browser daily so the conference app remains up to date after your arrival.

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The 5th Annual 40 Hour CFT ODP starts a week from Monday on Pensacola Beach 🏝. It’s SOLD OUT/actually oversold. Will be the LARGEST CFT ODP ever. Over 200 coming by PLANE ✈️.

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Lima OH, It’s Worth The Risk, Gallons Per Second, Chief Curt Isakson, One Day Firefighter Training

Lima OH, It’s Worth The Risk, Gallons Per Second, Chief Curt Isakson, One Day Firefighter Training

Swartz Restoration

Swartz Restoration & Emergency Services is hosting a FREE Firefighter Training Seminar, February 26th, 2022, in Lima Ohio. (PRESENTLY SOLD OUT)

This one day seminar will feature two lecture presentations by Chief Isakson.

Chief Isakson's Presentations

In today’s fire service fires are burning hotter and reaching flashover conditions at a much quicker rate. This seminar will focus on exceeding fire flow needs and managing water during the initial hose-line advancement in an interior offensive attack. The lecture will provide a different approach in terms of water application in a “Gallons Per Second” perspective at this crucial stage in the firefight. Strategies will be presented to manage the booster tank supply until a sustainable water supply has been established. This class is extremely relevant for companies that commonly engage in fire suppression with booster tank water supply and deploy suburban fire tactics.

This very passionate and in your face presentation is about pushing to recapture the primary mission of theFire Service. The very foundation of what has defined the fire service for decades is what built an undeniable trust from the public. We must push for a greater fire service that puts the lives of citizens first, which also means that property still counts. IT’S WORTH THE RISK is about more than just aggressive interior firefighting, it is also about standing strong against all odds to create a better and more effective fire service by putting yourself out there. Stay true to yourself, stay true to the mission, and stay true to the job.

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