Engine Drill πŸ–₯️ 2.5″ & Triple Layer

The 2.5″ Commercial Fire Attack using two companies for proper staffing. Also understanding the weight of each length and the importance to assign one firefighter per coupling and advancing in cadence.



16 thoughts on “Engine Drill πŸ–₯️ 2.5″ & Triple Layer

  1. 1. seating assignments
    2. engine assignments (1st due, 2nd due)
    3. water supply vs. water on fire (bulldoggin’)
    4. proper use of PPV fans
    5. efficient ventilation
    6. multi-family/garden apartment stretches (1 3/4″ v. 2 1/2″)
    that’s all for now…

    • Ahh The Belt Method..Turned a 10-15 minute task into a 5 minute task tops…Great method. Thanks to Chief Isakson for presenting that method at OFC!