Rescue Company

Destin 3

How high will your ladder reach with set backs on your buildings? Have you trained on your high rises for trapped workers hanging by OSHA harness?

Beach Special OPS
What are your high point capabilities? What is the tip load on your aerial and at what angle?

Link to Register for Rescue Company Seminar:

Are you prepared for the ultimate test? How many does it take to rescue just one down firefighter? Do you have RIT assignments? Can you really get them AI? It’s harder than you think. Theory must be TESTED!!!

Have you trained on all the possibilites of a dash removal? It’s about removing the dash, not how you do it. The ram push/raise is not the only way.

What chains do you have? How do you store them? What are there capabilities? How long are they? How do you use them with come-a-long/high-lift jack? Do you carry standard binder chains?

What tools does the initial RIT TEAM/COMPANY need? What is the Primary J O B?
Have you trained on the Hydraulics of your local Trash Trucks? Are you familiar with the Big Truck Extrication?What equipment does the intial RIT TEAM/COMPANY need? What is the primary J O B? What can the Hydra Ram do for you?