CFT Mission & Vision

How would you handle the above situation with four firefighters for the first ten minutes?

This site will cover what county fire departments engage in daily. Most counties cover everything from High-Rises to Barn Fires with the next available Fire Company sometimes 10, 15, or maybe even longer away. Some ride with driver only all the way up to however many seats are available…

There are so many theories on fire tactics and what should or should not be done on the fire ground. The problem is theory does not put out fires. A theory does not create extra firefighters for jobs/tactics that must be done now without proper manning. The fire ground in so many counties require multi-tasking and risk that must be weighed over potential outcomes. Sounds great to have the chief in a car down the street acting like a highly trained dispatcher. The problem is the shortage of experience and firefighters to see and get the job completed in a reasonable time.

I am excited about the future of this site and how it can assist firefighters locally in Northwest Florida and across the country share tactical opinions in the county setting. We are looking for individuals to send in entries for this site.

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The entries will be a quick question/read with a photo. These will not be your long training-type articles. They will be to stimulate your thinking and coach you on what you already know.

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More to come!

-BC Curt Isakson

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