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Curt Isakson joined the Fire Service in 1988 with the Midway Fire District. He was a Lt. Fire Inspector with the Mary Esther F.D. and also was a Firefighter/Lt. for nine years with the Pensacola Fire Dept. Curt joined the Newly formed Escambia County Fire Rescue in March of 2000 as the first Training Officer. He was promoted to Battalion Chief in January of 2004 were he is currently the Chief of Special Operations and Charlie Watch. Curt teaches on the national level at FDIC as Hot Instructor/Classroom Workshop Speaker. Curt has been a part of the Training Division for Three Different Fire Departments with three different disciplines. Curt also provides monthly contract training to multiple departments and owns HROC, COBC, WOFC, & CFT ODP.

Can you Carry This?

If you paid to have this, could you have it on the apparatus? So many regulations these days on what you can and can’t carry on the rig. What you can and can’t carry on the rig has totally gotten out of control. Chiefs hand cuffing motivated firefighters to be average. Are they STEALING OUR DESIRE TO Build Something SPECIAL?

What are we doing to our selves?

I get standardized Operations on the Fireground, but keeping motivated Companies from going outside the box to be ready for the WHAT IF CALL.

Firefighter Proving Grounds Facebook

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“This rescue was a success of a whole company and not just an individual”
Part 1: Knowing your equipment
Yesterday, members were faced with a civilian out the window on the 12 floor of a fireproof multiple dwelling. With members going to their assigned positions a rescue was underway from 3 different locations. This was only possible because the companies on scene knew and understood their equipment.
More avenues for rescue = higher success rate!
Outcome: This civilian was saved!
Now let’s hammer home some facts here in part 1:
Knowing if your aerial ladder will make an upper floor comes down to DRILLING with it and not just TALKING about it. Constant drilling will let the company know it’s apparatus’s limitations and advantages.
All it takes is a member on any day to look at target buildings in their area and ask “will we make the 11th floor?” Or “How do we have to position our rig to make that 12th floor”
The success of yesterday’s Ladder Company chauffeur making that 12th floor came down to the training and drills their entire company performs on the regular!
“This is not luck, this is dedication!” -FFPG
For those who say “we don’t have buildings over three stories” FFPG will say “Don’t always think about how high you can go…Think how far can you go! REACH is just as important”
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Also please come back for PART 2 of this rescue!

Apparatus Positioning,Water Supply, Trucks,& Vertical Ventilation

It is critical that Fire Companies positon their Apparatus for the Big One on every call. Engine Companies should consider multiple Aerial Apparatus needing to position for maximum scrub area. You can STRETCH MORE HOSE, but the Ladder is only so long. WE DO NOT POSITION FOR THE STREETCH! We position for the Ultimate Fire Attack, considering all Companies capabilities. In Suburban and County FDs there is a significant need for understanding TIME DELAYED TACTICS!! Thos is Understanding that Tactics need the be completed but could be delayed based on reponse times. Also making the most of the arrival sequence and not so great water supply options. Remember that there’s a Difference between Rural, Suburban, County, & Urban Districts/FDs. Make the most of your Apparatus, stafgimg, and Calls.

Look at pictures and discuss the Engines curb side so delayed arrival of Ladder Company being able to get by and Beach it and also setting up off the fromt of the aerial. Checkout the fact that the Truck Company is breathing air and the making the most of the closest water supply. PARK THE CHIEF BUGGY OUT OF THE WAY BUT SO IT CAN BE USED FOR A COMMAND POST that can still see the BATTLEFIELD. THANKS 🙏


What is our Standard?

Curt Isakson will be Live Today at 2 PM Central on CF TACTICS FACEBOOK talking about the It’s Worth The Risk mentality and Risk Aversion.

What will it take?
What direction is the Fire Service going?
Is it a geographical thing in reference the mentality of what risk will be taken?
What are we focused on and training on?
Why this one, when a nearly 3,000 a year Die?

Who comes 1st, Them or Us?
How does our obligation as Firefighters compare to the Armed Forces?
This could last an hour.

Do we The America Fire Service want to make the Picture below our Standard of Rescue?



Getting Promoted

Chief Mike Terpak will do a PROMOTIONAL PREP CLASS at COBC. If you’re-looking to get promoted to Company Officer or Chief, this is the class for you. He actually wrote the book. He will also cover Church Fires and Strip Mall Fire Strategy & Tactics.

Size-Up, Building Construction, Strategy & Tactics to all be included in this years COBC.

This year’s THEME is Getting Promoted!!

A Few Spots left.