About countyfiretactics

Curt Isakson joined the Fire Service in 1988 with the Midway Fire District. He was a Lt. Fire Inspector with the Mary Esther F.D. and also was a Firefighter/Lt. for nine years with the Pensacola Fire Dept. Curt joined the Newly formed Escambia County Fire Rescue in March of 2000 as the first Training Officer. He was promoted to Battalion Chief in January of 2004 were he is currently the Chief of Special Operations and Charlie Watch. Curt teaches on the national level at FDIC as Hot Instructor/Classroom Workshop Speaker. Curt has been a part of the Training Division for Three Different Fire Departments with three different disciplines. Curt also provides monthly contract training to multiple departments and owns Suburban Fire Training LLC.

A Door to Block Fire!

Quick Nugget/Reminder on using an interior door to block fire, cover a hole in the floor, platform to operate in the attic, & whatever you might need it for. You can use a haligan, axe, door chock, or whatever works for you. This blocking technique may be necessary to make a grab, get out, perform a RIT Operation or buy you time when water is lost or delayed.