The Cultural Divide “HROC 2015”

The Cultural Divide
“It’s Worth The Risk”

Chief Isakson will deliver a motivational speech on how history proves that AGGRESSIVE INTERIOR operations saves more civilian lives than firefighter lives lost. Civilians are being saved 1,000 plus to 1 because of a culture of risking our LIVES to save theirs. This Cultural Divide must be neutralized for the long standing support of the citizens we swore to protect. The American Fire Service must understand our culture is the foundation of how were viewed by fellow Americans. The Fire Service is the insurance company for so many that can not afford it and what they have is not insured. Property still counts and it can not always be replaced. You will not want to miss this inspirational speech on it’s worth the RISK!

Harlem Rescue

Roof Operations and Spray Foam Insulation

First and Foremost we here at County Fire Tactics, FULLY support vertical ventilation and letting the HEAT OUT!  Heat rises and when you open the roof, you are releasing BTUs therefore lowering the amount of GPSs required for knockdown. It amazes me how many fire departments do not support or allow vertical ventilation. I wonder if the same individuals support having the flue open on the fire place?

P st FIRE venting windows