7 thoughts on “Natural or Positive Pressure

  1. Looks as if the natural is already venting it well. With todays fires being so filled with unexpected fire loads, postive pressure too early might accelerate the fire more. They might want to be sure all areas where the venting is occurring is fully cleaned out for any emergency bail outs and allow for most vent possible

    • The fire is certainly venting, but not venting well. There is thick black turbulent smoke to the knee level from an opening with hose and firefighters in it. Bad stuff with happen here soon if nothing changes. No technique is 100% applicable to each scene. Know the fundamentals and be flexible enough to adapt the plan to fit the fire in front of you. These are not buzz words. This is modern firefighting.

  2. PPV is a tool not a cure all. Building construction is the first consideration. PPV will work in all types but the side effects in balloon frame or ordinary is sometimes not the greatest. A text book would be to go around back and begin the attack, practical in row houses not so much. Be a student of the job and use what is practical and applicable to your staffing and response.

  3. I do not know the effects of this but, what about vert vent the structure involved and PPV the exsposures without creating exit openings. Just pressurize them to hold back fire. Just a thought never seen it or tried it….any thoughts brothers.

    • It works! I have done it numerous times on row houses/townhouses. I call it Positive Pressure Exposure Protection. First Pressure the long side “. Helps minimize smoke damage to uninvolved exposures. Once again IT WORKS!

  4. “The individual assigned to place the fan at whatever entry point should…”

    I think the lack of fires/experience combined with such a case specific usage of PPV attack, makes the PPV attack a dangerous tactic. Just look at most of the real world events online to see what CAN go wrong when the tactic is wrongly chosen. Too many variables to go wrong in my opinion (Mostly due to lack of sufficient real world training and situations recognized to use the fan properly) ….

    K.I.S.S. break windows & push fast!

    Oh yeah Ike be sure to mind the 2 in 2 out rule….

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