8 thoughts on “Roof Operations “Opening the Roof”

  1. I prefer the 30 tooth from Fire Hooks. Works on just about everything Escambia responds to. Should change out with 12 tooth when going to the flat commercial. Other than that, cuts the metal roof on top of 1×4 supports and cuts the Florida garage door. It’s pretty versatile.

  2. 12 inch, 20 something tooth blade on residential roofs.
    Warthog on commercial, I think it only comes in 12 inch (not sure).

    I used to use the chainsaw as my primary on residential. It only took one “old dade county yellow pine” truss roof with t/g sheeting to change my mind forever. The K-Saw is my primary, chain saw is my back up … thats just my experience talking, not trying to put one downover the other.

    Nice picture bro, I heard that the guy who took that puts on a pretty squared away roof class 🙂

  3. my 8lb fire axe works great..it always starts and only runs out of fuel when i do..but we also dont have any”commercial style” roofing here either

  4. Depends on how much cutting (chain stretch) and how tall (how long will it take to get an other saw up here).

  5. Stihl 460 Chainsaw with 20″ Bars with Rapco Industries Terminator Chains, we also use this set up on commercial if roof construction allows. Otherwise we have Husqvarna K970 saw with a warthog blade. And Ric, Warthog is only a 12″ blade

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