Flashpoint: The Fire Inside Podcast, Chief Curt Isakson, Chief Frank Viscuso

Flashpoint: The Fire Inside PodcastOn March 4th, 2021, Chief Frank Viscuso recorded his recently released 26th episode of Flashpoint: The Fire Inside Podcast featuring Battalion Chief Curt Isakson – Enjoy the Ride. Chief Viscuso makes it known in the first minutes of the show that he features “People who have reached the pinnacle of success in their chosen field”. For Chief Isakson, the pinnacle takes on many forms as a fire ground incident commander, professional speaker, motivator, educator, and consultant.

Other recent guests Chief Viscuso has hosted on Flashpoint include Rudy Ruettiger in The Power of the Dream, Mike Terpak in Never Stop Learning, John Hughes in People Over Profits, and Carli Lloyd in Embrace the Journey.


What sets this podcast apart from others is a deep glimpse into the moments that molded and transformed Chief Isakson into the person we know in the present day. His ride in the fire service started going to fires in a 1971 Volvo station wagon when his Dad was the Fire Chief of the Midway Fire District in the Northwest Florida Panhandle.

Growing up in an Air Force military family stationed at Hurlburt Field, the home of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), the principles of leadership, training, faith, family, and accountability were instilled into Curt’s DNA at a young age. Chief Isakson’s motivation, purpose, and passion have evolved from both success and failure which catapulted him to embrace a quote from his father. Chief Roy Isakson passed on to his son that if he really wanted to save lives, he should train others to save lives.

The topic teasers and nuggets mentioned above only touch the surface of this hour and twenty-two-minute podcast with Chief Frank Viscuso. He characterizes Curt Isakson as the most passionate person he knows in the fire service. Below you will find links to watch or listen to this podcast.

The YouTube video of this episode is also posted on CountyFireTactics.com Podcasts & Webcasts page featuring 13 podcast guest appearances, and 39 personal webcasts from the dock, airports, vehicles, and the cottage, because they are all in the county.

Live Webcast Streaming NOW, Thursday March 4th, 2021, 7:00 pm, CF Tactics Chief Isakson, Strike the Box Training

“Strike the Box Training” has started their “Thirsty Thursday” live webcast with Chief Isakson. Tonight’s theme and title of this webcast is “Citizen Oriented Firefighting” broadcasting via YouTube.com.

Click on the video framed below to watch live now.

Default Aggressive Saves 29 Year Old, Escambia County Fire Ladder 12, “GRABS Podcast 57” Brothers in Battle

On March 3rd, 2021, LT Daniel Mills, FF Jeff Fangman, and BC Curt Isakson, from Escambia County Fire Rescue, Pensacola Florida, were invited to a virtual sit down with Brothers in Battle, GRABS Podcast host, Grant Schwalbe. Ladder 12’s arrival video is posted for you to see what they saw on arrival at this house fire with a civilian rescue on January 28th, 2021.


The podcast falls right in line with the update we posted yesterday on the academic research by Chief Brian Brush’s Firefighter Rescue Survey. Grant’s interview with the crew of Ladder 12 and Battalion Chief Curt Isakson, provides a deeper look into what it took for LT Daniel Mills, FF Jeff Fangman to get it done.

CF Tactics gives thanks to Brothers in Battle for inviting the members of Ladder 12 to tell their story linked near the bottom of this post. Podcast host Grant Schwalbe has fifty-six (56) other great stories of firefighters putting the citizen first, in their own words. Much can be learned from these first-hand interviews.

The Escambia County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4131 provided a glimpse into the mindset of the firefighters they represent with this statement. Though there was no report of anyone trapped, our “Default Aggressive” mindset from our culture dictates we still search until WE say the building is clear. Their quick actions, aggressive mindset, and years of training paid off with the saving of a 29-year-old male.


Below you will find two links to listen to this podcast right here in this post by clicking play.

Grabs 57: Escambia County, FL (Jan 28, 2021)


Listen to Grabs 57 on Apple Podcasts

Live Webcast, Thursday March 4th, 2021, 7:00 pm, CF Tactics Chief Isakson, Strike the Box Training

“Strike the Box Training” will invite Chief Isakson to be the guest on their weekly Live Webcast, “Thirsty Thursday”, March 4th, 2021 at 7:00 pm. The theme and title of this podcast will be “Citizen Oriented Firefighting” broadcasting via YouTube.com. The video framed below will go live when you click play at showtime. See the full flyer graphic at the bottom of this post

Strike the Box Training indicated they even ordered extra bandwidth to handle the large expected audience for their 24th episode. The time Chief Ike shares with Chief Trevor Steedman, Lieutenant Bobby Magee, and Captain Ben Waples will be full of fire service passion, and discuss putting the citizens we are sworn to protect before ourselves. This topic is in line with County Fire Tactics “It’s Worth The Risk” message.

Reserve some time on your night off, or log some training hours after your evening meal at the fire station with your crew. If you’re home ask your spouse to join you and get a glimpse of the passion you have burning inside you, and why we train to “Live Without Regret”. Stop by our house, open this post, and watch the show right here.

Shhhhhhhhhh …. another passionate fire service discussion is coming soon, Chief Frank Viscuso has invited Chief Isakson to appear on his show Flashpoint: The Fire Inside Podcast. More details coming soon.

Until we see you again this week on Thursday evening, get fired up listening to Curt on Weekly Scrap # 70 from January 2021 with host Corley Moore from Firehouse Vigilance. Scroll down to listen… Continue reading