Live Webcast, Thursday March 4th, 2021, 7:00 pm, CF Tactics Chief Isakson, Strike the Box Training

“Strike the Box Training” will invite Chief Isakson to be the guest on their weekly Live Webcast, “Thirsty Thursday”, March 4th, 2021 at 7:00 pm. The theme and title of this podcast will be “Citizen Oriented Firefighting” broadcasting via The video framed below will go live when you click play at showtime. See the full flyer graphic at the bottom of this post

Strike the Box Training indicated they even ordered extra bandwidth to handle the large expected audience for their 24th episode. The time Chief Ike shares with Chief Trevor Steedman, Lieutenant Bobby Magee, and Captain Ben Waples will be full of fire service passion, and discuss putting the citizens we are sworn to protect before ourselves. This topic is in line with County Fire Tactics “It’s Worth The Risk” message.

Reserve some time on your night off, or log some training hours after your evening meal at the fire station with your crew. If you’re home ask your spouse to join you and get a glimpse of the passion you have burning inside you, and why we train to “Live Without Regret”. Stop by our house, open this post, and watch the show right here.

Shhhhhhhhhh …. another passionate fire service discussion is coming soon, Chief Frank Viscuso has invited Chief Isakson to appear on his show Flashpoint: The Fire Inside Podcast. More details coming soon.

Until we see you again this week on Thursday evening, get fired up listening to Curt on Weekly Scrap # 70 from January 2021 with host Corley Moore from Firehouse Vigilance. Scroll down to listen…

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