Curt Isakson Bio

Curt “Ike” Isakson is a 30+ year veteran of the fire service. He is currently a Battalion Chief for Escambia County Fire Rescue in Florida where he has worked for the last 19 years. Curt previously worked 9 years for Pensacola Fire Department where he was assigned as the company officer on Rescue 31. His fire service experience started at a young age as a Junior Firefighter with the Midway Fire Protection District and rose through the ranks to Captain. Curt has worked in volunteer, career, and combination departments.

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Curt’s programs include:

  • Gallons Per Second – Part 1
  • Gallons Per Second – Part 2
  • Death On the Nozzle
  • Water On the Fire
  • Tactics Put Out Fire
  • It’s Worth the Risk
  • County Fire Tactics -“Strategy & Tactics”
  • Garden Apartments & Private Dwellings
  • Leadership & Tactics  – 2 Day
  • Big Fire, Big Water
  • Mastering Our Craft
  • Heavy Rescue Operations
  • Command and Control

Curt created a series of conferences through County Fire Tactics which is also known as CFT and CF Tactics. These conferences all take place on Pensacola Beach and include:

Watch “CFT Conferences Overview” on Vimeo:

  • HROC (High Rise Operations Conference)
  • COBC (Command Officer Boot Camp)
  • ODP (Officer Development Program)
  • WOTF (Water On the Fire)
  • Leadership & Tactics: CFT Fire School

Curt’s other related fire experience includes many different aspects. He does both lectures and hands on training. Some of his experience includes:

  • FDIC Lecturer
  • FDIC HOT Instructor
  • Firehouse Expo
  • Firehouse World
  • Brass Tacks Hard Facts Video
  • UL Coordinated Fire Attack Panel Member
  • FOOLS International Convention
  • Portland Fire Conference
  • Orlando Fire Conference
  • University of Missouri State Fire School
  • Bowling Green State University
  • CFT Fire School
  • Metro Atlanta Fire Conference
  • Wichita Fire Conference
  • Managed Monthly Topic Training for multiple (automatic aid) departments for 7 years

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