Firefighter Rescue Survey Update, Chief Brian Brush, The Initial Results Are In

After two months of data collection, the results from the Firefighter Rescue Survey graduate research project continue to justify “It’s Worth The Risk”. Firefighters are rescuing significant numbers of civilians from fires in residential homes. We congratulate these Firefighters for putting the civilians first and providing them a chance to live another day.

To keep our readers in touch with this important data, We feel it is important for our readers to have direct access to Chief Brush’s most recent posts to influence and motivate those throughout their chain of command to put the citizens first. has created a page right here on our site for you to find the most recent updates from Firefighter Rescue Survey.

Across the United States between January 1st, 2021, and February 28th, 2021, Firefighters rescued a total of 594 civilians. Chief Brush has coined these statistics as “Fire Service Wins”. This is the first time someone has academically tracked this type of data.

  • 282 people rescued from Single Family and Mobile homes
  • 312 people rescued from Multi-Family dwellings
  • 10+ people rescued daily for the past eight weeks.

Some of this most recent data came from right here in County Fire Tactics hometown with three civilian rescues by Escambia County Firefighters. View the video of Chief Isakson advocating for the 3000+ civilians’ lives lost annually in residential fires at HROC 2014 at the bottom of this post.

The data from Chief Brush also provides tremendous data to drive our initial decision-making and fire ground tactics. Our initial arriving actions have been shown to impact victim survivability. When arriving on the scene of a fire we must anticipate that:

  • Single Family Home Fires will have more than one victim.
  • Multi-Family Home Fires will have nearly three victims.

Chief Brush has also produced a series of graphics indicating if there was a report of victims, who found the victim, and the survivability of the victim based on the timing of the search by firefighters. Clicking on the graphics throughout the post will lead you to thirty-two (32) “Rescue Data Graphs”

View the video below from Chief Isakson during HROC 2014 describing the citizens’ first search culture, putting them first, and allowing people a chance to live another day.

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