5 thoughts on “When do you TRENCH?

  1. Not without training on it and strong OIC direction….But the possibility is there with the right crews…

  2. The trench type/style cut can be quicker and just as good when cut on a truss roof. You just start at the ridge vent and cut between two trusses 4′ 1″ down and only requires two cuts and no bunching.

    YES a STANDARD trench cut starts at the ridge and extends to the eave to stop fire spread. But, this same style cut can be modified to make a rapid hole in a truss roof to ven FIRE. Will post photo in the future.

  3. Depends on the level of training of the operator! Also the saw, proper blade selection, make the cut faster and safer.

    • One more thing, one may use wind direction and proper placement of the cut due to the angle of the roof and almost force the fire and smoke back to the already burning area of the structure if it has vented it self on the burning end.

  4. it can be quicker with the saw and if you have two Firemen on the roof working with flathead axes it can be quicker than with a saw, especially form a platform and staging the bucket behind them in their dir of travel (approx 6-8′ behind them) crew integrity and training however, will detemine this tactic

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