2 thoughts on “Look, Listen, and evaluate conditions. Do you use Muscle memory TACTICS?

  1. This fire had been burning so intensely that the floors were nonexistant in the two bedrooms on the charlie side of the structure. The crew on the hoseline backed out the front door just moments before a smoke explosion occured. There was also a delay on the stretch do to a winding wheelchair ramp. It may have been easier to flake the line out from the front door and passed it under the rail.

  2. Its a good thing the RIT team wasnt needed at this fire. It appears to me that the crew from Engine 11 came to the scene without a single piece of equipment nor tools. Someone placed a really great article by John Salka over the urinal in the men’s bathroom at Station 12 about RIT. It turns out that RIT is much much more than a check in the box made by command.

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