3 thoughts on “Tank Water & Timing Your Tank

  1. Using the average size tank of 750 gallons:
    A single 1 3/4″ line with a 150 gpm nozzle is going to last about 5 minutes.
    A single 2 1/2 line is going to depend on the set up. If your using stack tips or if your using a combination nozzle. My department uses a low pressure combination nozzle that flows 250 gpms so it will last about 3 minutes.

    those are all constant flow times. If the officer and crew are properly utitlizing techniques you should be able to extend that time by about double. Using a pencilling technique works great at times when your second due is an unknown eta away and holding the fire in check.

    Our department utilizes 4″ supply hose for feed our rigs. Our average hydrant lay is approximately 500′. We also practice a dump and tag technique. where the second due will dump its tank to the first and then lay to the hydrant to establish that positive water source.

  2. 90% of all FIRES in America are extinguished with One line and on-board water “booster tank water”. We should understand the booster tank supply, just like our fuel tanks in our cars. Most people can tell you how far a tank of gas will take them. SO, How long can you flow your most used attack line off booster water.

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