6 thoughts on “How would you DEAL WITH THIS?

  1. Make sure the Emergency pump shut off button had been activated and if not activate it to further prevent more gas spillage. Use a Dry Chem extinguisher on the bulk of the fire then use the readily availabe asset of the dirt to extinguish the run off fire line. Using foam is going to just spread this fire more because you already have a run off

  2. I like Brandon’s idea. It’s important to remember that we have more tools on the truck to extinguish fire than just the hose line. Also, it is a good argument for four man crews. The nozzleman could be on the hose line while the irons man is hitting the fire with a dry chem. That way the dry chem man is protected while operating and the hoseline can cool down the canopy to prevent spread. The officer can then be freed up to do the job of overall scene management.

  3. Be suprised how much fire can be extinguished with a 20 pound ABC Maybe hydro chem or even fog stream on exposed pumps

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