Wrapping the Hydrant


Minimize all kinks with plenty of hose when wrapping hydrant.


When catching a hydrant always get plenty of LDH hose around the hydrant. It takes ten feet when catching a corner or 180 catch. It is very easy to come up short and create an unwanted kink or kinks that could cost you greatly in your available fire flow.


Also consider later arriving companies they may be blocked by supply line. When possible loop your LDH to the inside or soil side and not out into the street. The above photo is an example how the line can greatly close down a street. If we were to loop inside it would allow for more street access of later arriving companies.

Size Up Tactics


What are your concerns? How will you attack with three Engines responding with two on each? What size line and where? Can you vertically ventilate? Where is the FLOW PATH?

What are your concerns here? When can you vent a TRUSS ROOF? What’s more dangerous; a Residential Truss roof or a Residential Truss floor?