Firehouse Expo Direct Wednesday December 9

Firehouse Magazine is offering Webinar this Tuesday & Wednesday. Curt will be up at 2:10 Wednesday

2:10 PM – 3:10 PMCommand Success: Commanding from the Sidelines

This fast-paced 60 minute program will cover fireground size-up and what to look for based on the resources assigned to the alarm. Understanding time delayed tactics, Isakson will show how you can make the most of the first arriving companies before all hands arrive. It is critical to be realistic with what your assigned resources can and cannot do based on each company’s actual capabilities based on apparatus, training, and experience – a three person ladder with a step up officer, new driver, and rookie assigned cannot do what a four person, seasoned crew can do. It is important that the fireground commander use the size-up and understanding of time delayed tactics to properly assign crews to get the most out of your bench to mitigate the incident.Curt Isakson – Escambia County, FL, Fire Rescue

Curt Isakson

Through The Eyes of a Fireground Commander

Awesome 😊 Feedback from one of the Commanding From The Sidelines Seminar attendees this week. Literally Training put to use on his 1st Shift Back. So Excited 😆 to FINE TUNE this program. Just so much to cover about seeing through the 👀 eyes of a Fireground Commander.


First off, thanks for putting on an amazing class and exceeding my expectations of what it was going to cover. I came into work this morning telling the crew about what was covered, especially about the DC having the TIC on him, I moved my TIC into the front seat and this fire came in as soon as I replaced the battery. Fire went good, quick knockdown and no injuries, but I was able to do a 360 with the TIC, it gave me a totally different perspective, i’m glad I had it because it was starting to run the attic. I’m hoping to implement some other things learned, but wanted to let you know that this one small thing made a big impact.

Thank you

Scott Gardiner
District Chief
Brevard County Fire Rescue