The County Fire Tactics Webinar Series

The County Fire Tactics (CFT, CF Tactics) Webinar Series

In January 2021, Fire Nuggets approached County Fire Tactics to offer an exclusive webinar series. Why? In the words of Fire Nuggets, “County Fire Tactics are a top-notch group of firefighters who get it!” During the original release, students were able to view all of the webisodes for the low cost of only $50.00.

That original offer from Fire Nuggets expired on February 8th, 2021. But the same great training is offered at the low investment of $10.00 per webisode.

Fire Nuggets indicates that 100% of the revenue generated through this series goes towards getting training on the streets and that all our their board members volunteer their time to run their organization.

These webinars from County Fire Tactics Instructors through Fire Nuggets will provide you 13 hours, 16 minutes, 47 seconds of instruction at a low investment of only $70.00, it’s worth the risk, and the investment.

Free Webinar “Command Success” from Firehouse Expo Direct 2020

County Fire Tactics founder, Battalion Chief Curt Isakson presented a 60-minute “Command Success” webinar at Firehouse Expo Direct 2020, view the video below.

During this fast-paced 60 minute program, Chief Isakson will cover fireground size-up and what to look for based on the resources assigned to the alarm. It will cover Strategy,  Tactics, & Command Success in how you can make the most of the first arriving companies before all hands arrive.

View the video below for a limited time. Register through at this link to receive a certificate of attendance.

♦ Command Success: Commanding from the Sidelines ♦