7/8 Day of the Nozzle, Free WOFC 2021 & HROC 2021 Passes

7/8" Day Giveaway

Enter to win free admission to either WOFC 2021 or HROC 2021.

A total of Eight (8) conference passes will be given away.

  • Four (4) WOFC 2021
  • Four (4) HROC 2021

The winners will be announced on 7.8.21, The Day of the Nozzle!


In only two weeks, on July 8th, 2021, County Fire Tactics, Eklhart Brass, and firefighters across the world will celebrate 7/8″ day, the “Day of the Nozzle.” In recognition of this annual celebration Elkhart Brass is doing a HUGE GIVE AWAY to benefit firefighters.

Chris “Stretch” Martin announced in the video below that Elkhart Brass is giving away four (4) free passes to both WOFC 2021, and HROC 2021.

That is simply HUGE, eight free passes available for two CFT conferences. Who does something like that… Elkhart Brass does !!!

Elkhart Brass is also selling some promotional items to help you display your smooth bore pride and honor 7/8″ day with sticker bundles, and apparel.

Watch the video below from Elkhart Brass, and use the this link to access the entry form for the giveaway.

Also check out Elkhart’s 70+ Engine Company Operations educational video’s from their Brass Tacks Hard Facts series. Many of the instructors featured in these video’s will be teaching at WOFC 2021.

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