CFT ODP Day 3 Agenda

Day Three Garden Apartment & Townhouse Fires (4 Hours.)
​This class focuses on the more common fire in many American communities: Fires in Garden Apts. & Townhouses. The program includes:

Introduction to the Scope of the Problem, Death and Injury Rates in Townhouses and Garden Apartments
The differences and similarities between Garden Apartments and Townhouses,
Types of layouts of Garden Apartments and Townhouses, Strategic and Tactical Implications

This segment includes the following items common to Garden Apts. & Townhouses:
• Fire Attack, hose line selection, placement and water supply,
• Search and rescue – Vent, Enter, Isolate and Search.
• Exposure Protection,
• Construction Deficiencies-Trusses
• Cockloft Fires- Interior Operations
• Cockloft Fires- Roof Operations
• Trusses and other Lightweight Roofs
• “Hidden” dangers

Mid-rise Multiple Dwellings Fires (4 Hours)
​This segment focuses on the most deadly fire in America- Fires in Apartment Houses, or Mid-rise Multiple Dwellings (MD’s).
The segment includes:
• Introduction to the Scope of the Problem, Death and Injury Rates in M.D.s
• Construction Deficiencies Related to Fire Spread
• Fire Attack, Hoseline Selection, Placement and Water Supply
• Search and Rescue- Vent, Enter, Isolate and Search (VEIS)
• Fires in Voids: Shafts and Cocklofts
• Flat Roof Ventilation including Trench Cuts

This class focuses heavily on some of the more common causes of firefighter deaths and injuries in these dangerous structures, and offers useful tips on how to keep your firefighters from falling prey to these common dangers. Emphasis is placed on developing fire officers decision-making abilities that can be implemented quickly and naturally on the Fireground and developing workable tactics that your organization can implement.