CFT ODP DAY 1 Agenda

Day One

Course Outline Fireground Tactics PDs and Store Fires
Private Dwelling Fires
​This segment focuses on the most common fire in America- Fires in 1 and 2 Family Homes, or Private Dwellings. The segment Includes:
​ Introduction to the Scope of the Problem, Death and Injury Rates in P.D.s
​Size-Up, The 13 point approach
​Firefighter Survival Survey
​Fire Attack, Hoseline Selection, Placement and Water Supply
​Search and Rescue- Vent, Enter and Search (VES)

Emphasis is placed on developing workable tactics that your organization can implement on the Fireground under a variety of common, and not so common, conditions

Store (Taxpayer & Strip Mall) Fires

​Fires in stores and other commercial occupancies are severe threats to our firefighters. More firefighters are killed per alarm in commercial fires than in any other commonly encountered blaze. The toll on a community is often staggering when a block of Main St. is gutted by fire or major local employer is burnt out. The reason many of the blazes end up so destructive is often traceable to the Fire Departments lack of preparedness. Fortunately major store fires are not “every day” occurrences, but as a consequence, many Depts. try to apply “House fire Tactics” to commercial fires. This segment is designed to highlight the differences between Residential and Commercial fires, and provide instruction in Tactics which have proven effective in dealing with them. By design, this class follows the Private Dwelling fires course, so that attendees will see the advantages and disadvantages of each tactic in differing fireground situations.
The “Strip Mall” Segment includes:

​Introduction, Store fires as injury and death factories
​Construction deficiencies common to stores
​Tactical Differences between Residential and Commercial Fires.
​Hoseline selection, stretching, and placement.
​Gaining Entry / Exit
​Cockloft Fires- Roof Operations
​Trusses and other Lightweight Roofs
​Cellar Fires- The Firefighter trap
​Parapet Wall Collapse
​“Hidden” dangers

This class focuses heavily on some of the more common causes of firefighter deaths and injuries in these dangerous structures, and offers useful tips on how to keep your firefighters from falling prey to these common dangers.