HROC Day 3 Track 5

Track 5 on Day 3 of HROC

INSTRUCTOR: Dennis Legear

“No Gear” Lecture

From the ULFRI stream studies impact on nozzle and stream selection to the Big Four of handline attack package design. What is possible in your SP systems?
Class description:

This will as handline focused class that will start with a update of the current on going Interior Stream Study at the ULFRSI, which is now in its final drafting stage. Followed by a discussion of the big four of handline attack package design:

Nozzle Design and implications: NP, Weight, Stream Type, Reaction Force, Stream Velocity, Selecting Target flow
Hose Construction and implication: Materials, Weaving, Construction Type, Inspection both annual and after every use.
Hose size and implication: Target flows and tube velocity the things you need to know before buying hose hydraulically.
Pump Panel Outlet implications: Design, errors, plumbing, pick up placement, foam loop complications and flow meters.
Finally a detailed look at SP and handline hose, what you can get away with, why and the need for a jurisdictional approach. For example when will 2-inch hose work on a 250@65psi PRV and why.