HROC 2017 Agenda

Below is a link to 2016 Agenda. Times and locations are the same. Will be real close to this for 2017.

Check in all day Monday December 11 at the Hilton

Lecture 8-5 in Big Room on Tuesday December 12

Lecture 8-5 in Big Room on Wednesday December 13.

Hands On Track Thursday 8-5 and you will select your Track once you arrive.

The 16 Hour Machinery Rescue Class will be totally separate and held next door to the Hilton on the 2nd Floor of the Holiday Inn on December 12 & 13. You will be able to take Heavy Rescue  /Extrication On Day 3 or select another track. We have two school buses and everything Extrication for this track. You will be provided bus transportation to a junkyard.

We will be in the lobby and on the 1st Floor of the Hilton Monday December 11 to answer any and all questions. We recommend you arrive early Monday to assist in getting the track selection you want. There will be FREE BEER at the Hilton Bar Monday and we have set up Monday Night Football at a Soorts Bar across the street to kickoff this years HROC.


Click to access hroc_program-2016.pdf

you can always comment below with any questions.