Lead Instructor Ray McCormack

Bob Morris “FDNY Retired Captain R1”

Mike Ciampo “FDNY LT Tower Ladder 45”

Jim Smith “Squad 41”

Matt Quin “FDNY Lt 69 Engine”

This HOT class will consist of tactics created and used by the largest fire department in the country. Join with FDNY members and other instructors to learn and refine your High Rise operations. Class segments include preforming a 14 story exterior hose stretch, using the floor below nozzle, stretching and flowing 2 1/2″ hoselines, battling building facade fires, constructing and deploying NY standpipe packs. You will be introduced to state of the art tools such as newly designed
hoselines, nozzle tips, pressure gauges, window curtains and more. Learn the stretching concerns of using different stairways on attack and evacuation decisions. Both search and forcible entry will be covered to complete the attack training package. This class sold out last year, don’t miss it this year.

Captain Morris