Thru The Lock Forcible Entry


Quick Review of thru the lock and three options. The K Tool is good, but sometimes the Rex Tool, Vise Grips or channel locks will be necessary. We’ve had numerous fires where thru the lock failed over the years and most of the time was something minor. Once the cylinder protector is removed it’s pretty easy to snap the set screws by twisting counter clockwise.

When using the Rex Tool it’s critical to set Tool Good by tapping on with a haligan or axe. The rubber mallet from hydra ram bag is less than desirable. Once set, do a little prying left & right before lifting to pull. This assist in snapping set screws and breaking the initial threads before pulling the cylinder. Once the cylinder is removed, using the key press firmly down to actuate the lock maneuver from 5 to 7 or 7 to 5. Sometimes it’s necessary to push or pull on door to minimize friction on throw and make it easier to unlock.

Thanks-Curt Isakson