Transitional Attack-Not Always!

Chief Mike Terpak will teach Transitional Attack-Not Always program after lunch on Day 1 of COBC 2017

TRANSITIONAL ATTACK – NOT ALWAYS! This 3 hour program reviews the NIST and UL information regarding TRANSITIONAL FIRE ATTACK and presents information that you NEED to KNOW before you “hit it hard from the yard.” Don’t miss this information!

Course Competencies: In a manner deemed appropriate by the instructor, students will be able to:

* Identify what is being said and why.
* Review the NIST/UL information.
* Identify the positive and negative aspects of the information.
* Identify the common sense approach.
* Understand how to merge “science based” with “experience based” information.
* Identify when used and when not used.
* Provide additional methods to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of your of your fire ground operations.

Chief Terpak is the author of FireGround Size Up text book.



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