COBC & Engine & Truck Attendees

Sorry for delay on information or replies to emails. We have a lot going on here at CFT.

We will post all infirmation necessary for your trip to Pensacola Beach on May 3.

Both COBC & the E&T School will be held at the Pensacola Beach Hilton.

Please comment below with any questions or if you need the free shuttle from airport.

Attendees will be able to check in on Monday afternoon May 9.

Comment below with questions.

14 thoughts on “COBC & Engine & Truck Attendees

  1. I know we will need full turnouts. Is there any other equip you recommend we bring? Will we need to be in duty uniform or pt gear during class.

  2. Chief,

    I’ll be flying in and am wondering if there will be a shuttle and whom I need to get my flight info to?


    Chris Tobola
    Captain -Houston Fire

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  3. Who and how do I talk to someone about not being able to make a class I signed up for?

  4. I will be arriving on May 9 @ 2025 hrs (flight #1734), and departing on May 13 @ 0705 hrs (flight # 3077) and will need to utilize the shuttle service. Thanks Much.

  5. Who and how do I talk to someone about not being able to make the class I signed up for?

  6. Just confirming 2 from Platte Canyon Fire
    Joe Burgett and Devon Macdonald.

    Thanks Joe Burgett
    Assistant Chief
    Platte Canyon Fire

  7. Chief,
    Just wanted to confirm my seat in the class. It’s gonna be a 9 hour drive for me from Ft Myers. Is there any way you could confirm and email me a reciept for my department? I’m all booked at the Hilton and will be arriving on the 9th. Also, could you please send me the link for the wives? Thank you very much!
    Tony Fontaine
    Engineer/Medic -Sanibel Fire Rescue

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