3 thoughts on “Commercial Building Fires

  1. Commercial fires are a much different animal than the single story wood frame residential structure (content) fires we respond to 99 percent of the time. “As the first line goes, so goes the fire” saying relates to residential fires. As resource management goes, so goes the commercial fire, is what I believe to be a critical initial consideration. Fighting a commercial fire can be a large scale event requiring coordination of a multitude of apparatus and personnel. There has to be a confident and competent Incident Command structure in place to orchestrate the resources throughout the attack as well as to continuously evaluate the result of the attack. There is NO DOUBT however, the fire only goes out if there are aggressive and capable Engine and Truck guys that can hump the hose and equipment through the heat and smoke to the source and apply copious amounts of water to the hot stuff. But, if this tactic is not coordinated, and all the crews operate independently of each other; possibly working against each other, the chance for success in greatly depreciated and chances for getting someone lost, overlooked, trapped, hurt or any other bad scenario is greatly increased. Resource management does not just happen, it has to be developed. Just as proficient firefighting skills have to be honed and tempered, so to does the Operational side of Command.