Death On The Nozzle “Engine LODD”

Could the Nozzle position be more dangerous than 20 or 30 years ago? Why does it seem more firefighters are getting burned and killed with a nozzle in their hands? Did you have an Instructor tell you, no water on smoke?

Please Share your Nozzle Position Close Call and/or Death.

Don’t Hesitate to share links. Looking for Big Input and Shared Experiences.. Look under Close Calls on Home Page for more Pics and Video of another Close Call here in Northwest Florida.The Nozzle Firefighter was burned while making entry through front door of small house. He was burned from Vent Point Ignition.. Video under Close Calls on Home Page..

Mask starting to fail. Short period of flame contact made it impossible to see through lens.

Firefighter burned and transported. Close call of Firefighter assigned to nozzle.
How long will your gear protect you? Have you inspected your gear lately? What kind of hood do you wear? What is the rating on your gear? Do you wear your ear flaps pulled down?

ECFR Firefighter Suffers Facial Burns-Lessons Learned click here

Our Next Generation of LODDs from Live Fire Training

Kevin Story Captain


Who are they: They are all around you and they are graduating from academy’s every day.

What are they: They are our next generation and the future of the fire service. If you are a Company Officer, they are riding behind you. If you are a Chief, they are the Troops you had coffee with this morning.

Why are they going to be LODDs: Because what live fire training is today, is ill preparing them for what they will face once they are riding on the apparatus.

But we have NFPA 1403: Which is part of the problem, as it has watered down fire training (pun intended) to something unrealistic, to the real world of rapidly growing fire conditions we now face.

There was a definitive need for NFPA 1403: that was plainly seen by some of the training events which left you saying that favorite three letter acronym that also works for, Well Trained Firefighters. Training evolutions that were not thought out all the way through no doubt. They were not planned with intent to do bodily harm but had tragic results. But these same departments go to real world fires without killing their Troops.

There is often a more lax command and accountability at a live burn event because, “It’s just a tr