What could have happened? We must evaluate. Size-Up! “Video Below”

What do you see? Could that catch you off guard?

How about the double boarded windows? Small house, Big Challenges.

How big is this duplex? How big does it have to be to catch us off guard?

This fire lasted for a minute. Basically it was Fire Gases burning off.What is the point of no return during a Flashover?

The link below is to the LODD report of Steven Solomon Atlanta Fire. He died six days after the above fire from burn injuries. He was only a few feet inside the front door when the fire gases lit off from the O2 introduced at the front door. The video at the top is of a fire that happen six months later and injury or death was averted because of the lessons learned. So, please study the Atlanta Fire and know that if we had not studied it, it could have been repeated in Escambia. Thanks to the Chief’s of Atlanta for sharing and passing on their lessons learned. For the report was not available when the Escambia Fire happened. It was the Chief’s willingness to share the knowledge of the fire at the funeral home.  RIP Firefighter Solomon.


Below link is to UL Test on Ventilation effects in house fires. Great Training!


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  1. Squad 4 of Atlanta had Firefighter Solomon out quick. The problem is when the fire event happens, even a well staffed RIT Team, may not be of any assistance. This is why we must wear all our PPE properly and always be evaluating fire conditions. Use your TIC and look around. We must still make the push and protect life & yes property. We have been very successful at interior firefighting in this country for a long time. We cannot just start standing outside. We must understand there are dangers and manage them. We will never eliminate all the dangers. Standing outside can NOT be our solution. We, the American firefighter, swore to protect, the American citizens. We also swore to protect property. Why do a few people think complete exterior firefighting will completely eliminate LODDs. Let’s work on the 75% that have nothing to do with interior firefighting. I think< I will go for run now and then return for a healthy meal. Then when driving to my next fire wear my seat belt. Once I arrive, I will then take all necessary risks to perform my duties.

  2. here is the link for the AFD report form Chief Dennis Reuben. It is a highly detailed account of the events that took place that night. We have these all over Escambia County. Fisher Street is one as indicated however, they are in every district unfortuneately. E14″B” watch just had a fire about 50yards from the station last night. Duplex separated with prior moderate structural damage. Pre-plan your district during errands, med calls and on your way to and from work. It could save your life or your Brother or Sister’s life. Stay low, look high…


  3. it’s amazing to know that two matresses and some clothing can provide enough black fire to iginte when given enough air…the report reads that the flameover started ffrom top to bottom throughout the entire house…RCFC…one last thing…you can have Command of an incident but unless you have Control you are nothing but a dee-jay or a dispatcher…Command AND Control does help save lives…attack line supervision is crucial

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