What could have happened? We must evaluate. Size-Up! “Video Below”

What do you see? Could that catch you off guard?

How about the double boarded windows? Small house, Big Challenges.

How big is this duplex? How big does it have to be to catch us off guard?

This fire lasted for a minute. Basically it was Fire Gases burning off.What is the point of no return during a Flashover?

The link below is to the LODD report of Steven Solomon Atlanta Fire. He died six days after the above fire from burn injuries. He was only a few feet inside the front door when the fire gases lit off from the O2 introduced at the front door. The video at the top is of a fire that happen six months later and injury or death was averted because of the lessons learned. So, please study the Atlanta Fire and know that if we had not studied it, it could have been repeated in Escambia. Thanks to the Chief’s of Atlanta for sharing and passing on their lessons learned. For the report was not available when the Escambia Fire happened. It was the Chief’s willingness to share the knowledge of the fire at the funeral home