Should your hood & ear flaps be utilized?

What do the ear flaps provide?

Why do FIREFIGHTERS cut their ear flaps out? Why do FIREFIGHTERS leave them tucked up into their helmets? Why do FIREFIGHTERS purposely not utilize PPE? How would the Modesto Firefighters have turned out if they were not wearing all their PPE?

Talk about this with your crew.  Salty is not COOL at the expense of getting the job done without unnecessary injury.

What do you think? Do you have FIREFIGHTERS that cut their ear flaps out and/or do not wear hood?

Modesto Firefighter spent 53 days in the Burn Unit. Returned to work Ten Months later. How would it have turned out, if He was not wearing his proper PPE?

8 thoughts on “Should your hood & ear flaps be utilized?

  1. I went to Fire Science class and learned fire is hot. Really do not need my ears to tell me it’s hot. If your Fireground PC (your head) is cool it makes better decisions. Burnt ears cause short circuits.