Where should the Company Officer be?

When should you be on your knees? LOOK at that NOZZLE!!

There is always the extreme. We need to find a middle ground.


 This is a BIG ONE! Where should the Company Officer of the First arriving Engine be? Should He or She be on the attack line inside? Should they be outside commanding the nozzle firefighter that is inside by them selves or under someone else’s supervision? The question you need to ask is; why do I believe/do what I/you do?

Why do you believe in what you believe? Why is your opinion correct/ the way? Has it been time tested under real conditions? Has it always worked? Is it what’s right for the citizens?

Some Fire Departments have their first in Officer Stand outside holding a radio with a pretty vest on. Does this make it a safe realistic fire ground?

What is really the one thing that can make everything better on the fire ground, when stuff is burning?

31 thoughts on “Where should the Company Officer be?

  1. If you have 4 guys then the CO can be outside setting up command. For this post i will keep the beliefs to the 3 man company. My belief is the first officer should be inside with his nozzelman under a normal 3 man engine company operation. NO FF should enter a burning building alone. This is where knowing your crew comes in handy. If the CO knows his crew and feels confident that the driver can perform the duties of command till the next officer arrives, then the first in engine can have the CO and nozzle FF inside while the driver is establishing command and he can be relieved by the next officer arriving on scene. I know the retorts are going to be that the driver cant possibly establish command, he has too much stuff to do. If he has so much stuff to do why are we delegating him/her to throw ladders, take windows, force doors, etc… Everyone should be trained on the aspects of command. We as firefighters need to be a jack of all trades, including all the roles we could be put into as a FF. We all know the saying, “the first five minutes depicts the next five hours.” Get command established, get an attack plan drawn up, and most importantly execute! The only thing that is going to help the situation, is to put the water on the fire!