When do you need a roof ladder on the roof?


How about the Haligan and Ladder? Good Stuff. Photo by: Mike Posner, MDFR


Photo by Steve Clark

Do we always need a roof ladder? Does it really help with safety? What does it do for us? What does it not do for us? How does construction effect its use? Do we need two ladders to the roof?

12 thoughts on “When do you need a roof ladder on the roof?

  1. If you have to use it to stay on the roof then it helps with safety. I find on a gentle pitch it is a trip hazard. Fire conditions also figure into the decision as well.

  2. Obviously stick with your SOP’s. My opinion is that if the pitch is such that you can walk on the roof, then a roof ladder is not needed and actually slows the operation down. If we are worried about the structural integrity of the roof, and that is the reason for the roof ladder, then questioning if we should even be on the roof is more of an issue to me. I would love to see an answer from Mike Ciampo who I think has a very respectable opinion on truck co. operations. With less then 10 years in the fire service, I’d love to see som