Roof Operations “Read Below and give your Opinion”

What type of Saw do you prefer?When do you need a hoseline on the roof?

When do you need a Line on the roof?

Truck Company Operations vary so much based on manning and the culture of your FD. There are so many ways to vent a roof and all have there place. The questions are; What type of saw do you prefer and what are its positives and negatives? How long will your saw operate without refueling? What type of blade or chain do you prefer? Will your FD allow a K12 on a pitched roof and do you like using a K12 on pitched roofs? When do you prefer a Chain Saw? Do you like the depth gauge or no depth gauge? Do you like the sling attached or does it just get in the way? What have you found that the 30 tooth carbide blade will cut? How long will your composite blade last? What blade is left on the saw when sitting idle on the rig? How often do you run your saws?

What can the Thermal Imager do for you on the roof?


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