Why do we fight FIRES from the inside? Should WE???

Why should we go interior? If we go interior how would you engage? What would your first two tactics be?

 Why do so many Firefighters, People, Leaders, Chiefs’ and/or whoever it is, think we should stand outside? What direction is the American Fire Service headed?  Are we headed in the right direction and who is at the wheel? Can you help direct the course?

Where are the majority of the Firefighters dying? The ones that die on the inside, is it because they should not have been in there or because we engaged incorrectly?

I am so motivated after watching General Welsh’s Speech at the USAFA. We signed up! It’s like the Armed Forces, you volunteer to sign up and take the JOB!

You Must watch this. Watch the first 5 minutes and your not going to stop. One of the Best Speeches ever. The best 50 minute leadership class ever.



4 thoughts on “Why do we fight FIRES from the inside? Should WE???

  1. This should be mandatory for every OIC candidate/Officer. Heck every rookie class! Inspiring. “leadership is a gift. It’s given by those who follow, but YOU have to be worthy of it.”
    Are you ready to be that company officer? These leaders are what we need.

  2. So Im on vacation & decide to check you site, click on this video thinking I would watch a few minutes & come back to it later but you were right…. I couldnt stop watching it! WOW….I was totally moved by this video…thanks brother for posting this. Make sure everyone watches this (move it to your home page). I gotta watch it again!

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