LDH Supply Lines

Curb the Supply. Bring supply in Curb side when possible.

The LDH is a serious water supply asset when used properly and totally understood. But with anything it too can be a problem when all factors are not considered. When securing a hydrant consider a reverse lay in the opposite direction of the remaining companies that are responding. This will allow them easier access with-out the hinderance of the LDH blocking them. Consider hugging the curb to lay the line as close as possible to curb and not block the street. Once you have arrived at the scene try and minimize any excess hose by breaking and utilizing the shorter links out of the compartment. Also consider if a Ladder Company has arrived and/or will be needed. If it has not arrived and will possibly be needed, consider how to arrange supply as to not impede Ladder Company positioning.

Take the time and get it right the first time. LDH is only as good as we allow it to be.

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