What is the distance for collapse zone? If inside where is the safest?

Where is the safest place to be "when inside the colllapse zone" during a building collapse?

Firefighters have been seriously injuried and killed by building collapse. You should always keep in mind the buildings construction and collapse potential. Firefighters have been killed from collapse hours after the fire had been brought under control. There are still extreme dangers during overhaul. Evaluate the buildings stability.

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  1. I do not recall who did the study, however, in buildings affected by earthquakes the safest place in the interior of residential structures is next to large objects such as couches and beds. The common misconception that under door frames and under large objects is incorrect as we want to be in an area that will create a void when the ceiling falls on top of us. Wearing our structural firefighting gear gives us some protection from falling objects which is of major concern in an earthquake collapse. In the firefighting aspect, if we are certain that a wall or building is about to collapse the response is simple….Stay outside. Textbook answer for collapse zone is 1 and a half times the building height, with smaller debris extending well beyond that depending on the intensity of the collapse. Best way to prevent being caught off guard by a collapse(in commercial occupancies) is getting to know your buildings during your pre plans.

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