Company Photos

Why do we not take more photos? We need more photos hanging in the FIREHOUSES. My Wife has photos of our family hanging on the walls at home. I say we act like we WORK in HOLLYWOOD and show our love for each other. I wish I had more photos of people that are no longer here.

Countyfiretactics is looking for you to send in your company photos for us to post. How about after FIRE PHOTOS, so we can figure out who the DRIVER is.

14 thoughts on “Company Photos

  1. E3 “C” in will be easy to spot the driver. He will be the one that is the sweatiest, with the most soot, and the best looking hair! Oh yeah, fully bunked out, even when its hot outside! Those drivers that say their bunker boots are to big to drive with are the first ones to drive with their gear the at the first cold snap. Drivers should be ready to work! Seconds save lives.