Pike Poles and Hooks

What is your longest pole? Who carries it? Photo by: Steve Clark

Pike Pole and Hook options. I am a little sensitive about this issue on the fire ground. Seems since some departments have found out there are poles/hooks other than the standard fiberglass ones. They have choosen to strictly carry and build the 4 or 5 footers. This is GREAT if every ceiling is 8 foot and every roof they get on is a low pitch roof.

The problem comes at the above photo with vaulted ceilings and high pitched roofs that require a long pole to pull ceilings and/or make the bunch after cutting. Also, when pulling a large area of ceiling the older style fiberglass sure are nice and light. I personally own a LARGE number of these shorter hooks. I have also come to see and be reminded we need to carry and have the longer poles available. The longer poles also can be utilized outside by the driver to take second floor windows.

So go to the warehouse and find  the longest one they have and put one them on your RIG. Truck, Engine, Rescue, Whatever works. The buildings that require these style hooks are only going to start burning more frequently as they get older. So give your self option