Pike Poles and Hooks

What is your longest pole? Who carries it? Photo by: Steve Clark

Pike Pole and Hook options. I am a little sensitive about this issue on the fire ground. Seems since some departments have found out there are poles/hooks other than the standard fiberglass ones. They have choosen to strictly carry and build the 4 or 5 footers. This is GREAT if every ceiling is 8 foot and every roof they get on is a low pitch roof.

The problem comes at the above photo with vaulted ceilings and high pitched roofs that require a long pole to pull ceilings and/or make the bunch after cutting. Also, when pulling a large area of ceiling the older style fiberglass sure are nice and light. I personally own a LARGE number of these shorter hooks. I have also come to see and be reminded we need to carry and have the longer poles available. The longer poles also can be utilized outside by the driver to take second floor windows.

So go to the warehouse and find  the longest one they have and put one them on your RIG. Truck, Engine, Rescue, Whatever works. The buildings that require these style hooks are only going to start burning more frequently as they get older. So give your self options and stop thinking about only the frequent uses and start thinking about the possibilities. I bet my pole is longer than your’s. That is what you should be able to say to the other companies.

5 thoughts on “Pike Poles and Hooks

  1. I heard Escambia Engine 6 B-Watch had a fire in one these Newer homes the other night with vaulted ceilings. Used a roof ladder to get up to the ceiling. With can lights and other wiring getting older. Access to high ceilings is only going to become more common. Also when pulling tongue and groove. The PIKE style works better at making the purchase. The Haligan/Multi-purpose hooks excellent for so many task, but this is not one of them. Well at least not as good as the PIKE. So have them all and choose the one for the job.

    • We actually used a 10ft pole to pull the ceiling. Without it we could have not pulled the sheetrock safely from ground footing. This fire was actually started by worn wires, that were stepped on repeatedly by a company working in the attic.
      The sheetrock was getting discolored as we were setting up tarps to protect the furniture and very nice custom wood floors. Thermal Imager heat of 600f right as we started. It was getting right.

  2. I was in traffic the other day driving the engine and a car full of pretty women pulled up next to us. They where all looking at us and smiling. I figured they were checking out my muscles but then I quickly realized they were looking at my longer than yours pike pole (12 footer!) 🙂

  3. I knew some day he would make it on CFT. Some people will get this. If you see this, I love you Brother. Hahaha

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