5 thoughts on “Kitchen Fire Tactics, What are the challenges?

  1. Extension comes to mind. Almost all kitchen fires are due to cooking on the stove. The vent above the stove a direct avenue to the attic. So lets knock it down and immediately pull ceiling to check for extension. If you run into florida style ceilings or cathedral style ceilings, stand on the counters for quick access with a six foot hook.

  2. There was a fatality at this FIRE. Yes this kitchen fire killed a civilian that was a sleep. So no matter how minor the FIRE “DO A SEARCH”. If the kitchen is on fire was it from cooking or ARSON. BOX on the STOVE with the BURNER on HIGH. Not uncommon these days. Is it grease on the stove burning. Could a CO2 extinguish with less damage. Always check the attic and get on the roof where the exhaust penetrates the roof. I will post a photo of burning tar paper from minor stove top fire. TAKE THE TIME! Don’t be in such a rush. Is the stove gas or electric.

  3. Yes indeed the extension would be a concern but search is going to be the priority if no company is available. I would be concerned with possible gas problems too.