8 thoughts on “Do you study LODDs that happened on the FIRE Ground?

  1. Not wanting to single any one fallen firefighter out, i know this pictures are from the homewood, IL fire that sadly took the life of FF Brian Carey and severly burned FF Kopas(sadly enough this fire hit really close to home…about 30minutes away from home). R.I.P FF Brian Carey. We have a copy of the NIOSH reports at the station available for anyone to read. As this report states there were numerous flaws that led to the tragic outcome. If anyone would like some more information on this fire here is a link.


    Following is taken from that site above:

    Let’s see what NIOSH identified as factors which contributed to the death of one firefighter and the injury of another:
    Well involved fire with entrapped civilian upon arrival
    Incomplete 360 degree situational size-up
    Inadequate risk-versus-gain analysis
    Ineffective fire control tactics
    Failure to recognize, understand, and react to deteriorating conditions
    Uncoordinated ventilation and its effect on fire behavior
    Removal of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) facepiece
    Inadequate command, control, and accountability
    Insufficient staffing.