3 thoughts on “Where should the Chief/Command be & why?

  1. 1 chief should be roaming and 1 should be stationary and communicate what they see!

  2. Depends on the incident. Command should optimally be in a place where they can see the majority of the scene without being in the way of the operational aspect. Bigger incidents require more eyes. If there is a spot of the exterior scene that command can not see, they should assign someone the role of that division and they must communicate with each other on conditions and tactics.

    Operations should be filled as soon as the IC feels the span of control is being exceeded.

  3. IC ideally in the front but gotta have one in the rear (roaming) also. Some of our biggest problems come from areas we cant see. If you dont have the staffing to place a command officer in the rear or areas of concern, the IC MUST roam to get glimpses on continued conditions; however, he should make his way consistently back to a central point in the front. Speaking from experience, its almost easier to loose the span of control at an “Operational Chief” level than at the Incident Command level (on large incidents). If you get more than 5-6 companies working under you it can get confusing quick & trying to maintain accountability can be a challenge. Above all-STRONG COMMAND & CONTROL is a must for IC success….when IC’s just let “things evolve”, shit can go real bad!

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