4 thoughts on “What size line and where? What size back-up and where?

  1. 2.5 blitz the garage 1.75 in the front door hold off fire spread at door leading to garage. pull ceiling in kitchen or room closest to garage. If tall florida style ceilings stand on counters to pull ceilings. A fan could be used safely if fire has not spread to attick, it will help keep products of combustion in the garage and out of the rest of the house.

  2. Lt. McCormack has a good training video on fireengineering.net in the training minutes on this topic. Contrary to popular belief the first line(1 3/4″) needs to go in the front door and go directly to the interior garage door to prevent extension in the house. Do not attack the fire with this line. This line is for protection purposes only. The second line(2 1/2″) is going to be the attack line. Can access the garage via the overhead garage door or the exterior access door to the garage.

    link to the Lt. McCormack video is below.

  3. As always, it deprnds. The sooner that water is applied to the burning fuel, the sooner the heat release rate will be reduced. Factors influencing sequence include staffing, indicators of extension into the house or void and if persons are reported. Flow rate will depend on garage size and attack method. A 20′ x 30′ garage requires 100 gpm in direct attack (1/2 NFA Formula, as the total includes backup as well as fire attack). For indirect you would only need 60 gpm. With the direct attack a higher flow will result in faster control (to a point).

    If staffing permits, I would likely get a line on the fire first (exterior) and then inside between the hazard and the (potential) humans (without delay). if no evidence of extension a blower may be a good choice for pressurizing the house to limit smoke infiltration, prior to entry, but caution is a advised. Pressurization of an involved space without adequate exhaust is extremely hazardous.

  4. My opion of this situation is to put a RAM if possible or a 2 1/2 if not on the fire until a 1 3/4 smooth bore can be stretched thru the front door to the inside of the structure where the garage is attached and hold the fire there until it can be knocked down with the RAM or 2 1/2 in from the exterior. I believe the interior line in the begining stages is only for extension purposes unless otherwise needed. Obviously this is if manpower and water are available.

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