5 thoughts on “Can you produce FOAM? How much? For how Long? Nozzle type?

  1. My response is regarding class B foams…..

    I am a fan of the foam inductor system (125 or 250 GPM), 1 / 3 % AR (alcohol resistant) -AFFF, carried only in pales, and a common fixed gallonage fog nozzle. If each company carries three pales and have 500 gallon tanks they can each produce 3% AR polar solvent finished foam for their full tank of 500 gallons, or 1500 gallons finished foam of 1 percent for hydro carbon fires. By keeping it simple the incident commander of this set-up can request companies to bring there foam concentrate to where it is being used. Each company can carry there foam pale to the location of need. Also additional foam can be easily brought to the scene and deployed from storage.

    Other benefits include immediately noticing if there is a problem with the system. For example a inductor stops working simply just grab another one from a company on scene. No need for a a road for rig access near the fire. Minimal maintenance and reduced cost of equipment, flexibility in deployment, the ability to use different type of foam, less down time for engines do to problems with built in foam systems, longer shelf life of the product itself do to not being exposed to air in foam tanks, and a standard system on all engine that will not be different from company to company.

    I am sure I have misse