7 thoughts on “Who’s backing up the NOZZLEMAN? Why is this?

  1. I cant put down this radio! If i had a sling i would not have anything to point with! Besides shes “skinniner back”

    • It seems as if no one is backing up the nozzle man, and this is because of a lack of training, or they are just in fact ignoring the training they have recieved.

  2. 3 man company?. Only 1 FF at the door at this point and they haven’t advanced in the house… Maybe the OIC was getting more line?

    In the rural setting this is common practice. It’s not book but it needs to be very calculated and takes extreme discipline; 1) vent must be a priority 2) only advance a “safe”, only a few feet, distance within the structure usually done with good vent and visibility 3) use your stream to reach the fire(or at least keep in check) 4) window attack solid stream!!!! 5) make the judgement if the home is savable in the first place

    It’s understood that these general points apply to moderate conditions like the ones shown (not a full blown 3/4 involvement house fire).

    In a world of severe minimum manning sometimes the rules must be broken but within good judgement. This is the scenario typical of 2 man companies with a long response from other companies. BUT in the city with proper manning?….we should know better

  3. The officer should be beside the nozzle man….anything less should be unacceptable!! OR at least have a damn good reason. But hey, look on the bright side…..at least he he has a pack on!

  4. Lets play devils advocate… First, who is to say that there is not another man on that line, all you can see is a line, a firefighter at the door, and and officer bent down to the hose. Lets say that the officer is packed out for 2 in 2 out and the driver at the pump with the nozzle ff and irons ff in the structure fighting the fire. Also, look at the smoke conditions, this looks like a fire that has been hit in the mouth and in its dying stages judging but the smoke color, density, and velocity. Also the burn patterns above the front door suggest that this fire was blowing out the front door and window upon arrival. So lets look at these pictures and look at both sides, maybe these guys were doing what they have been trained to do in conjunction with the departments SOGs and have executed. Learning does not just come out of the negative, we can learn from what has been done right. Just another side.

    • I like it. You are so correct Justin. The smoke is a BIG DEAL. What it’s telling you. This in fact was only a three man company with no one else on-scene. This FIRE was years ago also. The nozzleman is now a CAPTAIN. A picture only tells a split second. But, it’s good to Monday morning quarterback for learning purposes. As the nozzleman in the photo is very good at and that is being the DEVILS advocate. Debate can be very productive. So as the week do not get offended.

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