8 thoughts on “Activated Fire Alarms? How do you treat them? They can turn DEADLY!!

  1. I have responded to numerous fires that came in as AFA and turned out to be working FIRES. One had a women dead in bed with nothing showing on arrival. Had another one that was in a Nursing Home with heavy smoke showing on arrival. 93 y/o smoking in bed at the nursing home. Nashville had a AFA years ago with heavy fire on arrival and numerous dead.

    So take IT SERIOUS!! That’s what you get paid to do.. Can you answer what CITY had a AFA and they rode the elevator to their death???

  2. Ready every time like it’s the real thing….If your neighbors aren’t ready at go time guess who gets the 1st line?…

  3. Treat them just like those three good looking professionals, even if its the third alarm that day at the same place!

  4. The one time you do not treat it like the real thing is the time you get burn!

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