5 thoughts on “Size-Up? What do you see and what actions will you take with only 3 FF’s?

  1. Moderate smoke, no worries at this point…but move fast!
    OIC look around back of apt if you can and back up Nozzle, Nozzle to the door/ Force entry if needed, D/E get lights on, help stretch line/charge, start to get ladders thrown and possibly vent the outside window(with the ladder) upon OIC direction and help hump that hose until next due…
    This could be a tank water 2 company fire….Water on the fire!


  2. 2 trucks arrived simultaneously, 2nd in stretched first in’s line into fire apartment, Fire had already vented out the windows.. Fire was knocked within minutes and the fire room was vented hydraulically.

  3. wow…I personally visited this scene and they did an oustanding job stretching and putting the fire out…a couple options if fire is present rolling out the front door: you could drive the fire back with the SB and fight from burned to unburned, go thru an adjacent apartment (the one next to it, not directly below, possible collapse and all) and stretch to the back…the only issue with that is sliding glass doors…alo if fire advancement is significant, get inot the attic from next door…firebreaks in a bldg this old will be either non-existent, have holes, or not be to the roof line…stop the spread…you could breach the wall in these type apartments and make entry that way…but you must train on these options and have a knowledgeable and aggressive nozzleman, backup and TO to pull this off

  4. 16 and 14 arrived simultaneously on secene . 16 (2nd in) stretched 14 (first in) line to the fire apartment’s front door. That is when 14 FF takes the line inside and well FIRE OUT!

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