9 thoughts on “What will you do? What do you see?

  1. Get a line in the front door first and foremost. open the rear and get exposure lines on the ground!

    • First line to the fire second to the stairs to protect egress and search team. Put ladder at rear window (charlie) for secondary egress. 14 ft roof ladder to the roof over the porch for egress out front window or use for ingress for search.

  2. Well it looks like there are 2 overhead Electrical lines. One attaches to the A/B corner and the other is the A/D corner. Assuming the power is still live, would have to position rig around back(hope there is an alley) Lead the lines in from the charlie side of the structure. Get one line on the fire, second line proctecting the stairs. Get a crew to the roof to vent this. set up an unmanned water curtain for the B side exposure(to narrow of a passage to commit an attack team to). get another line on the D side exposure.

  3. Vent, vent then vent. Place water accordingly…. 1 3/4 attack, back up line, search….

  4. This is a “No go” until it gets opened up…..classic case of explosive gasses not far from igniting, gotta vent aggresively with coordinated push by the engine. Hard to tell from the pictures but huge concerns for floor 2 & exposures.

  5. I don’t know what y’all are going to do but you better do something!

    Take the front windows to hopefully lift the smoke and direct the heat out the front away from the exposures.Have a SB 1 3/4 waiting to knock down the fire when the front windows are taken.Roof ladder on the side of the porch (not to get in the way of the hose line) and get in a quick search of the second floor. Also have a ladder on the C side for secondary egress and make sure the back door is forced just in case. Exposure lines would be the bonus!

  6. please disregard the fan comment…a little inside joke…everything that has been suggested has been stellar…everyone seems to want to vent which is great but, sending crews down either side could put them in jeopardy of radiating heat injuries if/when the windows are/become vented thru natural or mechanocal means…one option is to have an engine company respond from the neighboring street and take the “rear’ of the house thru a yard or empty lot…is this doable or am I just hallucinating again?

  7. Venting A and C sides is good before pushing a line in is good. This could be a basement fire. Check and be certain before proceeding past the sill.

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